October Update From Ms. Tracy!

Hi actors! We could be in the home stretch of our strike ending! There is a possibility we will be back auditioning as of early November (fingers crossed)! With that in mind, this is the time to review your marketing materials and make any necessary changes for you and your team. Check your reels, check your resume, update your headshots, check & update all of the casting websites.

PLEASE NOTE: For Casting Networks & the new CastingApp, make sure to look at your profile, your manager’s profile AND your agent’s profile SEPARATELY when updating and/or adding information. It does NOT automatically update what your agents and managers see on your profile from their end. 

**Also, make sure your acting skills and auditioning skills are ready to jump back into action! If not, or if you want to continue flexing your muscles, sign up for classes or private lessons. You don’t want to get left behind when things resume!**

**Last chance to utilize our Strike Special prices on Career Coaching and Private Lessons! More info here!**