There are tricks to success in the film industry and she knows them so well, it’s like she wrote the book! Thanks Tracy, for coaching me to where I am today!!!

Joel Courtney (The Kissing Booth 1, The Kissing Booth 2, The Kissing Booth 3, Super 8, The Messengers)

Tracy is one of the best acting coaches in Hollywood. She honors the stories and helps you dig deeper. I’ve learned how to enjoy the journey, not just with a character but also with my career and life. If this was a 5 star review I would give “Your Hollywood Coach” 10 stars!

Jacques Chevelle (Side Hustle/Nickelodeon)

Every success I’ve experienced in my career, is a direct result of my breakthroughs I’ve had in class. Thank you Ms. Tracy.

William Leon (Play by Play, How to Get Away with Murder, All American, Shameless)

Tracy Martin has been a great acting coach and mentor for my daughter. Her knowledge of different genres and styles of projects has proven invaluable. Amanda has booked a series regular, a recurring role, two guest star roles, and a lead in a film. Amanda also signed with a top agency and a very well known manager in the biz. Tracy has become part of the team that makes up Amanda’s success and we are so grateful for her.

Leslie Arakelian

(Mother of Amanda Leighton – This is Us, The Fosters, Trolls: The Beat Goes On, Trolls: TrollsTopia, The Powerpuff Girls, Amphibia)

As a parent that was fairly new to the industry, but who had experienced other coaches working with my daughter, Ms. Tracy quickly became our most trusted and consistent source for industry information and advice; encouragement and support; and of course, her incredible skills as a teacher. My daughter has valued Ms. Tracy for her keen attention to detail, her ability to push her to be her best while keeping her feeling emotionally safe, and to have a nact for seeing characters and scenes in a way that wasn’t obvious. As a direct result of Ms. Tracy’s work with my daughter she has been able to book significant roles and when she did, the first person we wanted to call was Ms. Tracy because we knew that she was someone we could trust with the information, and also genuinely be excited alongside. What I have appreciated most as a parent is her flexibility, her ability to work remotely and yet feel like you’re in the same room, to help me with any questions whether industry information or tech advice on how to record a tape better, her efficiency, and that she is the consistent teacher. Ms. Tracy SHOWS UP – she is informative, honest and always there for both student and parent, delivering amazing results.

Julia Baker

(Mother of Malia Baker – The Babysitters Club, Are You Afraid of the Dark?)

Whether you are just starting out in Hollywood or have been doing this for years, I highly recommend Tracy Martin to you.

Dale Courtney

(Father of Joel Courtney – The Kissing Booth 1, The Kissing Booth 2, The Kissing Booth 3, Super 8, The Messengers)

Tracy Martin saved my career. She identifies an actor’s personal strengths and helps bring that into their role to catch the casting director’s eye. Simultaneously, she can iron out the kinks of your performance and turn what would’ve been just a callback into a major booking. She cares about her clients but she can also recognize what needs to be worked on and execute. Tracy Martin is the greatest mentor Hollywood ever gave me.

Aliyah Royale (The Watchful Eye, The Walking Dead: The World Beyond, The Red Line)

I started with Ms. Tracy about two years ago and from there I haven’t stopped going back, whether that was for acting classes or coaching for an audition I had received, Ms. Tracy has been my go to. She’s always so real with me, which makes my performance as an actor even more real as well. Thank you Ms. Tracy for pushing me to reach my potential!

Malia Baker (The Pocketwatch, Spider & Jessie, Harvest Moon, The Babysitters Club, Are You Afraid of the Dark?)

Thank you Tracy for always being positive and bringing out the best in me!! Without you I wouldn’t be where I am today. You have helped me so much especially with comedy and finding the jokes in comedy. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Amber Frank (The Haunted Hathaways, Spirit Riding Free, Emma’s Chance, Hubie Halloween)

Ms. Tracy has taught my son to be a self-reliant and responsible individual who holds himself accountable for his own acting career. As a parent, nothing has been more rewarding than to watch my son make these life changing transitions that have resulted in multiple bookings. …She takes the time to get to know her students and knows their strengths and weaknesses… This makes Ms. Tracy perfect for individuals at any experience level. I highly recommend Ms. Tracy and cannot imagine where my son would be in his career if it were not for her.

Angelina L.

(Mother of William Leon – Play by Play, How to Get Away with Murder, All American, Shameless)

Ms Tracy is very thorough, organized & gives you honest feedback. We highly recommend Ms Tracy if you want to take you to the next level. Ms Tracy’s students are working students, as in our case, to include, film, tv, & national commercials. Thank you Ms Tracy!


She thoroughly gets to know each student and works with them to strengthen their particular weaknesses. She always gives honest and precise feedback.

Jennifer C.