The Ebbs & Flows of the Industry

These are turbulent times in the world and certainly turbulent times in the movie and TV industry. We can’t control them and we don’t always get to voice our opinions, but we can learn to keep changing with the times. For example, at the beginning of 2000, we were still printing headshots and postcards, bringing them to live auditions, mailing the postcards to casting directors to stay in touch with them, and dropping off headshots in person. Since then, we’ve had rising safety concerns in our country and our world has become more digital – What does this mean for actors? We don’t get to drop in on casting directors anymore and most casting directors don’t even have offices anymore. Marketing to casting directors has gone from mailing postcards to their office to tagging them in a social media campaign or sending them an email. Now a thumbnail image of your headshot needs to stand out in a sea of 3,000 other thumbnails. My point is, if you choose to stay in this industry, you must choose to change as the industry changes. The easier you make it on yourself to learn what’s new in Hollywood, the fewer frustrations you will have.  Stay Positive!